The Hollywood Hills-born daughter of a horror filmmaker and sister of a cult comedian, Foxtails front-girl Laura Weinbach grew up in a household that embraced eccentricity. Her next-door neighbors were circus contortionists with emus and fang-toothed monkeys as pets and her childhood activities included snail hunting and spying on celebrity neighbors like Slash, Ice-T, and Larry from Perfect Strangers. Laura’s upbringing is present everywhere in Foxtails Brigade, from the lyrical imagery to the hand-drawn artwork and sophomoric Instagram cartoons.

The band’s live show is a clockwork of junkyard beats, warped orchestral sonics, and Laura’s trademark voice and classical guitar intricacies with an A-List ensemble featuring performing members of Bright Eyes, Van Dyke Parks, and John Kale.  The songs tackle subjects of substitute teaching in the Oakland and LA public school scenes, steak appreciation, and general unfairness awareness with a warped pop sensibility akin to influences like St. Vincent, Joanna Newsom, The Smiths, and Spoon.

Following their 2011 debut album The Bread and the Bait (Antenna Farm Records), the band released their second LP. Time Is Passed (DIY) during Christmas of 2012.  Since then,  Foxtails Brigade have just release their new self-titled album in April 2016 on OIM Records.  

Produced in the Bay Area by celebrated Jeff Saltzman (Blondie, The Killers), this record marks the Oakland-based band’s third full-length LP, but serves as a cohesive statement of who they are and the direction they’re headed. 

While the group’s previous material, fueled by hazy chamber-folk melodies and spectral strings, reached inwards, Foxtails Brigade detonates their sound in all directions. The collective of Bay Area artists'  “fully realized” lineup employs a vast kaleidoscope of peculiar percussion and newfound synthesizers alongside Patzner’s cinematic arrangements and Weinbach’s distinct guitar figures. Working with producer Saltzman, Foxtails Brigade celebrates a newfound sense of directness and clarity without sacrificing an ounce of intricacy.  Like everything the band accomplishes on their self-titled record, it’s defiant yet wounded, sweet yet fierce; the sound of underdogs who won’t go away quietly. If we’re sinking, Foxtails Brigade tells us, then let’s explode into fireworks. 

Foxtails Brigade is also out now in Japan on Rallye, and is currently streaming in full on Baeble.

In the wake of their 2016 STLP release, the band completed a PCNW, So-Cal and South/Mid-West U.S. run as well as a spring tour in France opening for Emily Jane White. Following that they embarked on a 3-month East Coast and Europe tour opening for and playing in Emily Jane White's band again. They're currently working on their next record with new singles to start being released late spring 2019. 

"['We Are Not Ourselves' is] modern day Grimms' fairytale of a doppelganger's ability to dupe even those closest to you, complementing the song's orchestral pop peppered with flashes of yelping and chaos."    -Billboard

“With their fusion of baroque pop, eclectic rock, and hints of classical flourishes, San Francisco pop-rockers Foxtails Brigade are making us very happy.” - Baeble

“For their third proper album, the band pulls out all the stops to bring forth Foxtails Brigade’s ecstatic visions that run the continuum between adversity and absolute hysteric euphoria.” - Impose Magazine

"sweetly serenades you to your doom." -Paste

"defies easy categorization." -Relix

"If Rube Goldberg designed a cuckoo clock, the music it would play each hour would be Foxtails Brigade... They played like a well-orchestrated storm and its thunderhead is the unassuming Laura Weinbach who stands about 4’11”, leading the digital-effects-soaked cacophony with an acoustic guitar."  -Nick Brunner / Capital Public Radio

"[Foxtails Brigade] really doesn't sound like anyone or anything else."SF Weekly

"stunning"   -PopMatters

"Bay Area orchestral indie-pop quintet Foxtails Brigade drops decadent music video. Complimented by a lavish single-take, “Far Away and Long Ago” excels as an avant-pop masterpiece."  -The Vinyl District 

"[the new self-titled record] anthems for underdogs... the most focused and finely-tuned Foxtails Brigade album to date."   -The Bandcamp Blog

"'I'm Not Really In The Christmas Mood' is a nice counterpoint to all the upbeat holiday tunes that deluge us this time of year."  -Bitch Media

“['Far Away and Long Ago'] is, if I just were to put it frankly, an utter masterpiece. Laura Weinbach and company have created a song that deserves more popularity and attention than anything you’ll currently find by scrolling around your radio dial.  - Round Table Music Reviews

"fresh, quirky, adventurous and extremely pleasing," - Beehive Candy

"With a sound that is truly unique, Bay Area-based orchestral indie-pop group Foxtails Brigade are gearing up to make big waves in 2016. " 

"the music [has] a timeless feel, but Foxtails Brigade experiments with modern compositions, keeping the music firmly grounded in the present.”  - SF Chronicle

"[Foxtails Brigade's 'Book Of Right On' is] an enthralling re-working, the arrangement is entirely new but the essence of the original still shines through.  -Clash Magazine

“a gorgeous storybook approach to orchestral indie pop"   -Indie Shuffle

"Foxtails Brigade make a peculiar brand of Gothic folk-pop which embraces the weirder side of life."   -Wake The Deaf

“Quality musicians led by a good songwriter with a great voice, Foxtails Brigade seem to have the whole package .”  -In Your Speakers

"Foxtails Brigade is what would happen if Wolfgang Mozart were alive and writing pop music today.  Refreshingly beautiful."  -Audio Fuzz

"they have an uncanny ability to make creepy sound beautiful"   -SF Critic

"Dynamic multi-talented group"  -The Deli

5 Practical DIY Film Tips For Musicians
-Anton Patzner for Performer Magazine

“10 Favorites in 2011 and Then Some– Whether performing pop tunes, French chanson or dream-ridden originals, they create arresting music marked by unaffected whimsy, surreal imagery and insinuating melodies.”  -KQED

“as soon as Laura Weinbach starts to play, everyone within earshot immediately revises their previous opinions of her, from tiny cutie to big roaring genius.”
– SF Weekly

"Patzner and Weinbach found a way to take what’s arguably a chamber music form and make it palatable for nightclub audiences."   - East Bay Express

"Laura Weinbach of Foxtails Brigade has a voice like the sirens of Homer’s Odyssey. It draws you in with its sheer beauty and takes you places where you teeter on the edge of bliss and terror. Foxtails Brigade’s debut album, The Bread And The Bait, is chock full of dreamy chamber-pop with a sharp edge."
– Best New Bands

“[Laura Weinbach's] charm is not nearly as impenetrable as her cosmic poetry or, for that matter, the band’s baroque-like music. Stay tuned for more from this very special group.  – Kata Rokkar

“We all know the dream world that Foxtails Brigade strolls through; that intimacy is what makes this one so memorable.”   –Music Emissions

“[Weinbach] looks like a character plucked from a Lewis Carroll tale, and yet beneath that surface, she’s fierce. The tracks on [Foxtails Brigade's] new album sound a bit like old Victorian song cycles. But they’re refreshing.”   -East Bay Express

"By turns moody, pastoral and even occasionally frightening, The Bread And The Bait takes the simplicity of its construction and makes the most of it."
-Spectrum Culture

“Weinbach decorates The Bread and the Bait with ditties at once fanciful and childlike, but it’s her propensity for sudden tantrums of discordance that prevents her songs from sounding precious.  It may be an acquired taste, but then again, isn’t that true for the better things in life?    - Exclaim

“music that doesn’t sound like very much else out there these days. A fascinating album."   -Popmatters

“sweet and powerful"
 SF Weekly

“a simply stunning album.”
– Jersey Beat

"offers something new and exciting to the listener privileged enough to hear it."
– Chart

“Weinbach has a killer voice!”
-Woman’s Radio

*Full press archive available upon request